Month: December 2007

Getting ready for somebody's holiday

Ephemera / Spirit

Our friends have long since let us know that, despite my spiritual leanings towards a non-Christian religious tradition, they are going to show up for a huge lunch at our house every December 25th. I have therefore come to the understanding that the dictates of friendship can equal the dictates of a classical spiritual tradition. In this light, I confess that I even wore my old Christmas earrings to lunch today. Sue me! I had […]

Sun and the weather


In Boulder here, there is right now very little overt talk of “global warming.” This probably has much to do with the piles of slush that dot the downtown areas. It is still so very easy to see the world only in our own very limited terms: if we are cold now, then global warming must be a long ways off yet. I don’t think global warming is a long way off, but I also […]

Walk/Don't Walk


One thing that an outsider in Boulder has to notice is the actual human rights that pedestrians have. If you attempt to cross the street, the cars will actually stop for you, and wait patiently for you to cross. This fascinates me to no end! In Cincinnati, it’s a bit dangerous to try crossing without the walk light being on. In Manhattan, of course, you’re considered fair game whether or not you have the walk […]

I have holiday spirit! Let me show you it.


via Shirl! Your Holiday Personality is Fun You’re all about the celebrating. Whether you’re partying hard or singing along to Christmas music, you’re totally enjoying the holidays. Make your own Christmas ornaments. Create a holiday mix for all your friends’ stockings. Run around your neighborhood late Christmas Eve ringing bells. How Should You Spend the Holidays?