Month: January 2008



Today marks one whole year since I quit chemotherapy! Yay me! And that makes yesterday the anniversary of my last radiation session! Double yay! OK, back to your regularly scheduled blogging…



For a moment, I thought one particular file was named “Dream Journal.” Maybe I’ll be able to remember a dream tonight, though I usually don’t. I might be getting all of the endlessly traveling dreams some more. These involve me traveling to or being in places that I know perfectly well, like California or London or something like that, but the dream cities never resemble the actual cities.

architecture with words


We had lunch with Chuck and Leila today at the Palace restaurant, which I think I have not been to for a couple of years. It must have been a long time since I saw the two of them too, since they did not know about my bout with cancer. I talked with Leila a bit about N having rather brushed me off, and neither of us knows what to make of it. I felt […]

January has taken hold


For whatever reasons, January and mid-winter have grabbed ahold of me and made my entire world seem not worth writing about. However, I have read enough that I know that there is nothing that cannot be written about. Now it strikes me that there is plenty of navel-gazing available to me, but that would only make my life more dreary instead of less. Now is not the time to take up meditating in a mountain […]