Month: February 2008

Snow emergency


Just outside our windows, an emergency is going on, or so the television would have us believe. A snow emergency. We are at the mercy of the weather, and being whipsawed by the cold. Many shots of various highways with slow traffic. I feel downright unpatriotic that I’m not being inconvenienced by the weather. I have enough homemade penne bolognese to last me for a few days down there in the refrigerator. The recipe said […]

Respectful Insolence from Orac

Current Affairs

I have myself noted the ever-growing prevalence of comparisons of certain politicians to Hitler, and the idiocy thereof. But Orac does it much better. Respectful Insolence: Far, far, sooner than expected, the monster returns to invade the Presidential campaign “So powerful was the illogic and tenuous nature of that comparison, comparing speeches just for cadences (given that they weren’t even in the same language) that it shut me down. I had to reboot. It has […]

Tuesday happenings

Current Affairs

Tuesday happenings are not thick on the ground here. However, we will refrain from describing how the Velcro on our wallet is wearing out, and will point you to some actual thinking being done this morning (while it’s actually still morning). Sisu helps me figure out Obama’s campaign strategies, and Maggie’s Farm provides me with enough links to keep me thinking the rest of the day. And, party on, everyone!

Hurray for Denmark!

Current Affairs

I’m tempted now to head right on over to Denmark to cheer the populace on! I can hardly think of a worthier target right now for my ever-loving tourist dollar. Atlas Shrugs: DENMARK STANDS UP, ISLAM LOONEY TOON JIHAD AGAIN Denmark sets the example for the West. Muslims don’t like it? Let them live in those IslamicĀ  countries that repress human rights, free speech, women etc. We must stop sanctioning their 7th century tribal practices […]