Month: March 2008

Narcissi at the top

electronic life

Don’t you just love it when I put up a seasonal header image? I do like this one of all the narcissi lined up just so. Makes me wish I’d grown them myself, it does. I have similar goings on in my own garden, but with daffodils. Not quite the same thing as in the header image, but bright and yellow and oh how I missed them! So, enjoy the narcissi, and the springtime where […]

Spring and Easter at last


Easter arrives cold and gray, just like it usually does around these parts. I figure that the weather is here to spite the fact that at least one of my daffodils has bloomed, and my friend up the street’s orange crocuses are in full flower. Nevertheless, spring is officially here now, with Easter, according to my personal calendar. And fun must be had. Too bad that Peter, at 22, is too old for an easter […]

The town of Boulder on a sleepy Saturday during the school year.


Saturday. Boulder. We had a flurry of activity early this morning, with a visit to the Kitchen, and toffee french toast for all. I managed to eat about half. Then we bopped around Target a bit, because I forgot to bring my underwear. We ended up buying a lot of food, too, and we just ate some lovely spaghetti with tomato and garlic sauce. I’ve spent the rest of the day in sedentary fashion, and […]