Month: May 2008

Goodbye, children


Last night, for Movie Night, Other Patti and Our Friend Sally and I watched the French movie that gave Quentin Tarantino the name idea for his movie “Reservoir Dogs”. You see, Tarantino, before he became a famous director, worked in a movie rental store. Some (not so very brilliant) guy came in looking for a movie that he had thought was named “Reservoir Dogs.” It turned out that he meant Louis Malle‘s wonderful film, “Au […]

What I don't have


Well, I’ve mentioned my latest bout with weakness, dizziness, etc. And the whole Vitamin B12 thing. I spent yesterday at a local hospital with my new GP finding out what was at the bottom of this. After listening to my description, he quickly sends me on a tour of the different floors of the place for tests. Turns out that a pulmonary embolism can give off the same symptoms I had described. Good news: all […]

Currently reading


Here is what I am currently reading (on my Kindle, that is): “The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals” (Michael Pollan) This is a fascinating book as you find out where your meal comes from. Corn will no longer seem so innocent to you. But I must say that for vegetarians, this might not be the book for you.

Defining politics

Current Affairs

I put this here because it’s the best definition of politics that I’ve ever seen. Via Sisu and Holman W. Jenkins of the WSJ: sisu Politics is often a business of adaptive dishonesty, and never more so than when dealing with an issue like climate change.

Spring Hat Day


I spent today’s lunchtime at an event for our local Parks Dept., raising an endowment for a new park to be placed in an area known as The Banks, which is between downtown Cincinnati and the Ohio River. At any rate, the theme was hats, so I chose one from my days as a Hairless Cancer Patient. A spring day, luncheon, hats — spring is well and truly here. I wish I had taken pictures […]