Month: June 2008

sunny morning


Peter is sitting next to me. He says, in response to “What should I write about?”, “Write a screenplay.” I’m not sure that’s gonna work. First of all, that would mean there’s a plot hanging about around here, and I sense none. Or there could be, and I haven’t looked for it. It’s hard to find a plot when people are simply hanging out or going to classes at the Chautauqua Institute. Yesterday, I tried […]

from last night

Cancer / Ephemera

Chautauqua, NY There were 2 movies watched tonight, but I was there for only 1 and a half. I got there halfway through the first movie, Death at a Funeral. The second was Juno. That was a good one. I wish I’d seen the whole of the first one. Movies were shown after dinner. We had BBQ and cole slaw. I am still a bit overwhelmed by thinking that it was a whole year ago […]