Month: July 2008

At a party


At a party, originally uploaded by niehoff. This is Buck, on the left. On the right, that’s our friend, Dee. Buck didn’t believe me when I told him that I could blog the party we were at, right from the actual party. Now, he’s a little worried…

Early for coffee, and for energy. Not the same thing.


Usual oncologist’s checkup yesterday. I have been napping the last couple of days away, it seems, not just through laziness (though there is always that, I suppose), but also through a touch of anemia. I don’t have B12 issues yet, despite my imaginings of a couple of months ago; my red blood cells are still of normal size. So I spent a couple of days not writing blog entries because I was curled up in […]

Kid safely home


Peter has made it back home here this morning, fresh from the wilds of NYC. He has nothing but awful things to say about the airline that cancelled his flight last night for no good reason, but he seems to have forgotten all of that in the reunion with parents and chihuahua. He and his chihuahua have gone back down the block to his place to get fresh clothes (well, clothes for him, not the […]