Month: July 2008

A single fact


A day of mine curled around one single fact: a report by some of my money managers. The upshot of it is that I still have some. The housing stocks are trying very much harder to look good to prospective buyers of the “buy low, sell high” philosophy. Upshot: they tell me I still have money. I feel very virtuous today. Will blog tomorrow with more steadiness.

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-24


good morning while the trees are still in shadow # @tradingnothing: they must be singularly without a sense of humor # @andrewhyde: Morning back at ya # More passive-aggressiveness oozing through the cracks of society… # what to do?… when you can do anything. # What more can you want than 4 pieces of tuna sushi for dinner? Nothing. Not even room for dessert. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

End of another fine Thursday


Dentist: uneventful. Only screamed once. But seriously, folks… nothing to report, and only reporting the nothing because I’d promised you all I would. I am noticing a rhythm to the days now, for the first time since my operation a year ago this last March. It’s a good rhythm, one I haven’t had at least since I’d drop Peter off to grade school and head to my math classes at the University of Cincinnati, an […]

My morning at the dentist's


A new bright sunny day, and I have to go to the dentist. Oh well, at least it will all be over by lunchtime. The fancy work on my teeth, that I mostly didn’t tell you about on the blog here, has been finished, and I am going in for the traditional “routine cleaning.” Will try to think of something fancy to write while I’m in the chair.