Month: March 2009

Day after snow


It turns out that we had way more than ten inches of snow yesterday and last night: we had sixteen. Even in Boulder, that calls for places to shut down and people to stay at home until paths can be made through the stuff. Still none of the common Cincinnati attitude of “We’re all gonna die!!!” Refreshing. Today’s sunny weather has rapidly been processing the snow back into water, which is convenient, except for the […]

The snow at night


Today in Boulder, the city shut down for about ten inches of snowfall. Unlike in Cincinnati, people here do not immediately decide that they are going to die as a consequence. There was nobody running around in a frenzy, heading out to the nearest grocery store to buy several bags of flour that, on more sober consideration, they have no idea what to do with. We ventured out in the afternoon. Most places were closed, […]

Out West

Ephemera / memory

The possibility of my family’s first visit — with me included — to a destination in the west occurred at the time of the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble. I spent most of that Olympics season watching the skiing events, especially those that Jean-Claude Killy competed in. That winter, Mom and Dad told me that we now owned a share in a condo in a place with the unwieldy name of Snowmass-at-Aspen, Colorado. This village […]

Spring, and ducks


Congratulations! We have made it to the first day of Spring! I feel that this is rather a day of liberation because winter seemed particularly insistent this year. Unpleasant weather, regardless of how long it lasts, always seems particularly insistent and intrusive. If I had any sense, I would move to Florida or Hawaii and have done with it. As it is, I am sitting now in a place more famous for its winter weather […]

Cliché: the rehabilitation?


I must admit that the Librarian is correct: the new Kindle 2 does inspire passion in a reader, or it would if passion hadn’t been declared a cliché in my last post. His comment reminds me that, before it became a cliché, passion was a perfectly good word, acceptably used in the politest of companies. Is there a good way to rehabilitate a cliché? Barring that, is there any way whatsoever to rehabilitate a cliché? […]

Cliché III: The Sequel


I spent lunchtime today down at the Mercantile Library with Albert and my fellow board members as we had our regular meeting. After the meeting, I chatted a bit with Albert, and he reminded me of his suggestion of passion as a cliché. I am surprised at myself for not having given the word serious consideration as a cliché; I was going for the showier phrases like cutting edge. However, I agree with Albert: passion […]