Month: April 2009

Joyous news!


Other Patti just called me from the hospital… her daughter just had her first baby, and Other Patti is now a grandma! It’s a girl, and weighs about 8 pounds and 14 (?) ounces. No news yet on the name. Of course, I will fill you in on everything, as soon as I can.

The beginning of summer


I don’t think we really have spring here in Cincinnati. We have one day of mediocrely warm weather, then all of a sudden the heat comes, and the air conditioners are turned on full blast. Today was our first official day of the warm half of the year. All afternoon, my sunroof was open and windows rolled down. I held off on the air conditioning to enjoy the heat a bit while it’s still a […]

My mother's bears


At around the time that I left for college, the emptiness and loneliness that were unavoidably attached to our remote house finally got to my mother. Mom’s mothering instincts, which didn’t lessen with my leaving, needed an object. At that time, teddy bears were enjoying a surge of popularity among children, and thus my mother settled upon them as a target for her mothering instincts. My own childhood teddy bear, given to me by my […]


art, etc. / music

I am listening to my oddest iTunes playlist: it contains only one song, but several versions of it. It’s called Deportees, and seems to be extraordinarily popular with various sections of the music world’s practitioners, some of whom have recorded more than one version of it. I have appended a list of all of the ones that I have found so far. Woody Guthrie wrote the song based upon a true incident which happened in […]

More of my bumping up against truth and reality

Current Affairs

This is another of my clippings to/for myself in re: the Bush years. I have no idea how I am going to cobble all of this together with my thoughts, but at least I can assemble some pieces. Editorial – The Torturers’ Manifesto – To read the four newly released memos on prisoner interrogation written by George W. Bush’s Justice Department is to take a journey into depravity. Their language is the precise bureaucratese […]