Month: May 2009

Various people coming and going…

Ephemera / Television

Image via Wikipedia For those of you who like to show up at our occasional shindig at the Mercantile Library, here is yet another wonderful thing to come to. Next year, we will have David Simon for our annual Harriet Beecher Stowe lecture. Simon is the creator of such wonderful television series as Homicide and The Wire. Will get the date and time up for you later.

The arrival of summer


Not only is the swimming pool open, all of the trees are in their official full leaf. If you watch them closely, you can see the different tree species change gradually over the weeks from their uniform green color to quite a variety of greens and yellows before the fall colors arrive. However, I do not trust the weather. We had a very dreary Memorial Day. It’s either too cold outside, or too cold inside. […]

Sophie on her walk

Dog-blogging / photographs

Both Buck and I took Sophie on a short holiday walk yesterday morning. She has to investigate all of the Beware of Dog signs, and see if there are really any dogs there to be afraid of. Sophie just doesn’t like other dogs very much, though she has gotten used to Beatrix Chihuahua.