Month: July 2009

yrstruly: In which I attempt that section


Image via Wikipedia I am still slogging along through Infinite Jest, or rather dragged through it: yes, “dragged” is the right word. I have become terribly intrigued by it, and thus am a properly devoted reader. The book occasionally reminds me of James Joyce’s and Virginia Woolf’s experiments with stream-of-consciousness writings. The yrstruly section of the book, the first one, is looming before me now, looking as difficult as, say, a passage from Joyce just […]

Infinite Jest in small steps


Image by dorywithserifs via Flickr I have completed the first week’s worth of reading in the Infinite Summer read-a-thon of Infinite Jest. I must confess that I have a small bit of a problem getting myself connected to any of the characters in it, with the possible exception of Mario Incandenza. I was never any good at either tennis or recreational drugs, so personal experience is not much of a help here. The constant switching […]

Garden at evening


The flowers were so beautiful that I had to take a picture of them. However, holding an iPhone steady is not always easy. I didn’t know the picture was this blurry until I saw it on the blog. Sorry.

A very small milestone


With regard to Infinite Jest, I would like to announce that I have actually read all the way through footnote #24. This is a bigger deal than it sounds, if you have ever taken a look at that book. The book is almost 20% footnotes, written often in a dry, footnote-y tone. Sometimes they contain nothing more than “Ibid. page N” or somesuch. More than a few times, they spin off on their own, with […]