Month: August 2009

More pictures from last evening…


A few more photos from my attempts at Lomography last night. It can be interesting trying to control an iPhone camera while walking a few dogs… Related articles by Zemanta Lomographic Amigos Program ( How To Take Great Action Photos With Your iPhone 3GS (

A walk in the evening


Took a walk early in the evening with Buck and the dogs, all the while experimenting with this new LOMOgraphy picture app from iTunes. The idea of LOMO: take your camera everywhere, take pictures constantly. The original LOMO camera was/is a cheap generic camera from (I believe) Russia. It still has quite the following, in photography nerd circles. Their Ten Golden Rules are as good a philosophy for photography that I have ever seen. Here’s […]

September's coming

Current Affairs

Yup, September is just a few days away. This of course means that September 11th is coming up as well. As I have in the past, I will be participating again in Project 2,996. This year, I will be writing a memorial of Justin McCarthy, who was killed in the World Trade Center. Click on the link if you’d like to participate.

Catholic bishops behaving deceitfully: what a surprise

Judaism / Spirit

A major objection I have always had about Christianity and Catholicism is their constant attempts to shove their beliefs down the throats of those who believe otherwise. In the following, it’s blatantly obvious that the bishops were taking advantage of a good-faith effort by Jewish leaders. NEW YORK – Major Jewish groups and rabbis from the three largest branches of American Judaism said Thursday that their relationship with Roman Catholic leaders is at risk because […]