Month: October 2009

Another sign that Fall is here…


I have decided that Fall is most definitely here when I’ve gotten flu vaccinations, which I did last week and yesterday. Tracked down so far: regular flu shot pneumonia vaccine So far, no H1N1 has shown up on my personal health radar. The Health Department was offering 1500 or so of them, but one evidently had to stand for a couple of hours in the rain to get one. It was on the other side […]

October night, late


I sit here late at night on a cold and rainy midnight, readjusting my fingers to the Macintosh’s keyboard. I am not yet ready to hunker down into the partial hibernation that one goes into in the winter time. I look for color when the outer world is drained of it. Today there are maples whose color is so full of flame that the sight of them startles you even when you are expecting to […]