Month: November 2009

Coyotes at night


Sophie the dog was exceptionally nervous all night, wanting to be let out and in, and whuffing and barking at me the rest of the time. Just now, I heard the reason for all of her nervous energy: coyotes, the local pack, at least five of them and probably more around ten. Their yelps are somewhere on the continuum between dog-bark and siren. Once you hear them, you can’t mistake them for dogs barking. Then, […]

Empower: its usages


I was right this minute checking out what events there are to do today in and around the Boulder, Colorado, area. A theme has just occurred to me: notice with me, if you will, exactly what percentage of self-help seminars use the word “empower” when describing what it is that the seminar is about. Time to look this up in the Apple dictionary… empower |emˈpou(-ə)r|verb [ trans. ]give (someone) the authority or power to do […]


qotd / writing

Poetry is a dumb Buddha who thinks a donkey is as important as a diamond. Denial, repression, all those psychological adaptations we developed in childhood were ways of not being there, because being there was too painful. Writing demands that we cut through and be where we are, like a cat gripping the side of a cement wall at the top of a ten-story building—stay there and look around and not blank out because it […]