Month: January 2010

In memoriam, Rocket J. Squirrel


I am sorry to report to you that our newest addition to the family, Rocky the Squirrel, has met a sad end. As I reported before, Rocky had suddenly appeared in our laundry room. We didn’t see him at all after my initial sighting of him (her?), though he left many traces of his presence around the floor, and in a just-washed comforter that he nested in. Then, my husband made the mistake of unloading […]

A new pet


We have a new pet. This was a completely unexpected and inadvertent acquisition on our part; it just showed up. A squirrel. I was down in the laundry room this morning, apropos of nothing in particular, when I hear a tiny scrabbling sound above me. I look up, and there the squirrel is, on top of a steam pipe by the wall, frozen with one eye staring at me. I stared at it, and wondered […]

But where?


Yes, it’s the 18th and this is my very first post of the year. Post of the decade, actually. I believe that it is customary to apologize, but I don’t feel very apologetic. No, not snarky either. More of a what now type and time of questioning. This blog is an amazing time machine for myself. Also, there are the typical surprises: where I was, what I thought. Who I was. I don’t know if […]