Month: February 2010

Objects gaining significance: About the Significant Objects Project

art, etc. / books

Image via Wikipedia This whole project, which I discovered maybe five minutes ago (okay, ten), looks too delicious not to link to. It binds imagination and eBay together in something that is actually a useful thing. Who knew? Go look. I will too. The money collected goes to 826 National, an organization founded by writer Dave Eggers which conducts writing programs. THE IDEA A talented, creative writer invents a story about an object. Invested with […]

Sitting with my back to the snow

my poetry

Sitting with my back to the snow which starts at the door to this table and this bench next to the altar that holds a dish with money from Costa Rica and India in it and from here, with a large rock holding it all down next to the candle next to the window next to the door to the snow and the footprints filling one by one back to you and now they are […]