Month: March 2010

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Reading now Miss Buncle’s Book by … D. E. Stevenson (1892-1973) – married name Dorothy Emily Peploe – was a Scottish author of light romantic novels. Her father was the lighthouse engineer David Alan Stevenson, first cousin to the author Robert Louis Stevenson. via

On health care, from a fellow cancer survivor


It took cancer for me to care about healthcare – Healthcare Reform | Obama Health Care Plan – Do Republicans know how murderous they sound? When your life depends on decisions made by people whose faces you will never see, based on rules you had no part in making, in a language so technical you cannot parse it, you finally, truly encounter your own vulnerability to the actions of states and institutions. via

Republicans self-destructing


Arianna Huffington: Health Care Post-Mortem: Dems Feel the Wind at Their Back, GOP Hoisted With Its Own Cynical Petard Republicans, meanwhile, have been hoisted with their own deeply cynical petard. As David Frum outlines it in his must-read post-mortem, Republicans decided that there would be “no negotiations, no compromise, nothing” in the hope of turning health care into Obama’s Waterloo. In the process, they turned their back on many “traditional Republican ideas” on health care […]