Month: May 2010

Summer at last


This is always one of my favorite weekends: it’s the official start of summer, marked by the opening of the pool at the club. However, lunch there isn’t always as much fun as it could be. They unfortunately have a great many items on the menu that are fried in some form, and hard to digest. Well, it’s my own fault for ordering a mettwurst when it’s 90° out, and trying to eat the silly […]


my poetry

Calendars run too slow to wear on your wrist You’d have to hold too still Don’t move your arm or the sun won’t fall just right, and it has to — The world will be disjointed if you move, the page not wide enough to hold what it must — The page flips every thirty midnights, and fans your wrist as you walk by.

I hate titles

Poetry, Literature, and Writing

About to dump yet another poem on y’all, but I can’t think of a good title for it. Sorry about that. I hate trying to make up a title for a poem, and naming them something like “Untitled #43” — like you see on some hopeful paintings in galleries — looks like they didn’t even try. I wish titles could be avoided. Suggest some (she blogged, hopefully).

Beware of Facebook Dangers – Reviews, News, and How To Geeks

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Danger!! How’s that for a blog title that screams fear, uncertainty and doubt!? Fact is Facebook boast 400 million users and is in so many ways seems out of the control of its founder, and is looking dangerous. This is a company that has grown faster than fast and has a (very intelligent) 20 something CEO just out of puberty calling the shots. It seems the amount they (his Board? CIO? ) lets him run […]