Month: May 2010

Keep yourself safe: Watching Out For Criminal Hacks – Reviews, News, and How To Geeks

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We use the web to search out tons of information, to shop online and to connect with friends and family. And in the process criminals are trying to whack us over the head and steal from us. And they’ve become very proficient at their craft while most computer users know enough about protecting themselves today as they did 15 years ago. Which equates to not so much. Back in the day, a person only had […]

Here at last

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My re-mapping of the white-pebble domain has worked. I have not even caused any device anywhere, at or, or even at my own home, to emit smoke and require an expensive service call. I am therefore quite pleased with myself, and am figuring out what would be a suitable way to celebrate. I can’t think of one yet. The blogroll needs to be redone. Will go work on that.