Month: July 2010



Love never dies a natural death. . . It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. — Anais Nin (courtesy of Abraham Verghese’s Facebook page)

The No-Fail Way to Make Me Roll My Eyes | Political right-wing nut-jobs.

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Political crazies can be depended upon to make me roll my eyes and clench my jaw. These range from people who think that Obama invented AIDS to those full-blown nutcases who believe that Americans are the Lost Tribes of Israel and thus America is biblically mandated to rule over other nations — either that or that they're being followed by mysterious unmarked black helicopters that no one else can ever see.

What Keeps (or Kept) Me Up at Night


During the hot nights they sleep out in the open What keeps me up at night is me myself. That’s a simple beginning to the explanation. At the beginning: I slept like the proverbial baby since I actually was a baby first sleeping through the night up until I was sixteen years old, there or thereabouts. At that time: melodrama with my mother of the most toxic sort. We eventually fought each other so hard […]