Month: August 2010

My Earliest Memory: dolls


chatty cathy My earliest memory is of getting a brand new Chatty Cathy doll for Christmas. I was fascinated by her ability to speak, and to randomize her lines, so that I could not predict what she would say the next time that I pulled the cord on the back of her neck. I loved that thing. The last I saw of it, the doll was looking a bit bedraggled and worse for the wear. […]

How it looks in the morning


Everything looks better in the morning, even the previous night. However, the previous night looked pretty good anyways. This is the sort of pretentious blather that my mind runs through when it is waking itself up, which it is attempting to do so right now. It is helped along by a mocha frappuccino; I suppose that the first bits of caffeine are hitting the brain-blood barrier right now as I type. The crickets are still […]