Month: September 2010

Bottled tea: a very depressing report


I have been swilling great amounts of tea, iced and hot, since my bout with cancer. I’ve always loved tea, and now it is even better for me than before. It is way too easy, though, to pick up jugs or six-packs of iced tea at the grocery, now, and save oneself some effort when thirsty. I thought it made no difference. Evidently, it does. The researchers found evidence, that half of the bottled teas […]

Networks in Boulder


WiFi in Boulder is a wondrous thing. Not only is it omnipresent and often open, the networks’ names themselves are often amusing, or at least different. Just found a network at this sitting named The Nihilists. Unfortunately, it is password protected. I may never know why it’s named what it is. I feel so pedestrian, merely being on the Kitchen Guests network. Related Articles My Favorite Place in the World: Boulder ( Ignite Boulder 12 […]

My Favorite Place in the World: Boulder


The air is lighter and cleaner here. I feel healthy just walking down to my favorite coffee house. Actually, my favorite coffee house here is one of about four different ones around here. Five, maybe. Everyone has a favorite. The plains intersect with the mountains right here. I can drive for ten minutes into the Front Range and be a thousand feet higher than I am sitting here in our home. Two environments — plains […]