Month: October 2010

Nana’s dress


This morning, we went to the Cincinnati Art Museum to see their new exhibit of wedding dresses. My grandmother’s dress is one of them, and I got to take a good picture of it, defying (with the curator’s permission) the guard’s no-photo policy. Here it is, from 1906…

The end of October, and four years.


Beatrix the Chihuahua is four years old today. A dog’s birthday celebration is admittedly not perhaps the most profound event that one can spend a day doing, but it marks a bright spot for us all as October sets in and the days are damp and gray. We get her a tiny cake with candles in order to give us all a perfectly good excuse to eat some cake, seeing how unwise it would be […]


memory / Natural world

Though I grew up in the countryside and wandered in the woods as I grew up, I knew little about the names of things. I knew oaks from maples and robins from that which was not a robin. I knew pine trees and boxwood bushes. I knew what I thought were hawks but which were really turkey vultures. On spring days after I was old enough to drive myself to school and back home again, […]



The camera doesn’t make a bit of difference.  All of them can record what you are seeing.  But, you have to SEE. — Ernst Haas via Photography Quick Tip 3 ~ the Rule of Thirds in Composition « Everything Neat.

The totem pole


Somewhere during those hazy days of summer when I was ten or eleven or twelve, my parents, feeling the pull of yet another empty space in their lives, took on the project of building a totem pole in a corner of our yard. This would have made more sense if we had had any Native American heritages among us. It would have made more sense if we had lived in a place where any Native […]