Month: December 2010

Sleeplessness, or lack thereof.


When I was young and still Catholic and still fully believing in the Jesus and the God that the Church had fully encased in its teachings, I used, at night, when I was too full of anxiety and dread to get to sleep by imagining that I was held in the cupped hands of an angel. I was old enough to know that such was not the case, but the imagining still helped and I […]

Home again


[picture taken while waiting for the taxi to arrive] An extremely uneventful flight to Cincinnati from Denver. It takes a journey back home for us to encounter snow. The fluffy snow in the driveway makes me cold by default, even though the house is at its usual comfortable temperature. The animals were overjoyed to see us: Sophie almost exploded with barking and excitement. Satchel meowed enough to get me to finally give him some food, […]


All blogs are online and we're incrementally restoring access to the Dashboard. Thank you for your patience. — Tumblr (@tumblr) December 7, 2010 My joy is complete…