Month: January 2011

Cutting for Stone, and berbere

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Because I read Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese last summer, and loved it so much that I insist on dragging it across country with me, just to have it close by, it has had at least one unexpected effect on me: namely, my cooking. The book is not about cooking; food is mentioned in the due course of things, but no more than you might expect. One thing mentioned many times: berbere. Berbere is […]

Reading now… possibilities


I dragged up my copy of Infinite Jest last night before going to bed. I suppose that I thought I would make some kind of headway into it at last, after more than a year of ignoring the poor thing. Now it sits on the radiator, staring at me. I left off reading the book last year after it was far more effective at making me feel the cultural emptiness that inhabits and surrounds all […]

On Being in the Spotlight: J. M. Barrie


My theater experience consists of one show: The Old Lady Shows Her Medals, by J. M. Barrie. Yes, he wrote many more things besides Peter Pan. Seventh grade, the middle school plays, a series of one-act things. I was Mrs. Mickleham, and it floors me that I was able to remember that much about the thing. I was the only seventh-grader in the play; the rest were eighth-graders, the Big Kids. I was deeply impressed […]