Month: March 2011


I write because I'm a writer. It is rather like cooking: to make something out of the raw material at hand. – Sybille Bedford — The Paris Review (@parisreview) March 31, 2011

World Backup Day! Do it.

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It’s World Backup Day: Here’s How to Avoid Inevitable Disasters Kevin Purdy — World Backup Day isn’t an official holiday, but it is a day of remembrance—as in, if you don’t back up your important data, you will be remembering one day how stupid you were for not doing so. Here are the deals offered today, along with our recommendations on how and where to back up your important stuff. via It’s World Backup Day: […]

The same thing, day in and day out

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Bob Marley is telling me now to “Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights.” He tells me this at roughly the same time every single weekday that I sit in this particular Starbuck’s. We have here a music strategy designed to get those of us who were actually alive during Marley’s lifetime to associate all that Jamaican goodness with sitting here drinking hot beverages and messing around on the free WiFi. I do love […]

RIP: Diana Wynne Jones – The Daily What


RIP: Diana Wynne Jones, author of several successful young-adult fantasy novels including Dark Lord of Derkholm and Howl’s Moving Castle, passed away today following a hard-fought battle with cancer. She was 76. Her final novel, Earwig and the Witch, will be published this summer through HarperCollins in the UK and Greenwillow in the US. via RIP: Diana Wynne Jones – The Daily What. Related Articles RIP: Diana Wynne Jones ( “Diana Wynne Jones, 1934-2011” and […]

Zeiss Ikon – Camerapedia

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Just looking up an old camera my father gave me when I was in high school. It was ancient even then. Zeiss Ikon is a German company that was formed in 1926 by the merger of four camera makers (Contessa-Nettel, Ernemann, Goerz and Ica), and an infusion of capital by Zeiss[1] The company formed one part of the Carl Zeiss Foundation, another part being the optical company Carl Zeiss. Logically, most of the Zeiss Ikon cameras […]