Month: August 2011



The machine which at first blush seems a means of isolating man from the great problems of nature, actually plunges him more deeply into them. As for the peasant so for the pilot, dawn and twilight become events of consequence. His essential problems are set him by the mountain, the sea, the wind. — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry



They tell you that when you begin a new regime of exercise, especially if you’ve not been in any such regime for years, not to expect immediate results. This is a bit cowing to an exercise beginner. But I have been at Pilates for about a month now, and my jeans are hanging nicely loose around my hips, though I have not lost any weight. Hah!

Departure: Steve Jobs

electronic life

Sad at the resignation of Steve Jobs. I bought my first computer, an Apple ][, back in December of 1982 after my niece and nephew got one for Christmas and had to show it to me after dinner. I had to be dragged away from it at midnight, and was at the computer store the next day. I had one of the first Macintoshes out, back when they didn’t come with hard drives installed and […]