Month: December 2011

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Finally: A solution for scatterbrains – Brett Terpstra

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[Forgetfulness is] probably a result of choices I made in my younger years, but whatever the cause, I’m always looking for tools to make this easier. This post outlines a method that I’ve found very useful. You may have a different reaction, especially if you’re the type of person who remembers what they had for breakfast. If you’ve already forgotten about your Wheaties, read on. via A solution for scatterbrains – Brett Terpstra. This man also writes a lovely piece […]

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I was just browsing through the Lifestyle section of the Chrome Extensions library when it finally occurred to me to ask myself, Do I have a Lifestyle? One would normally think so, after all, since one is indeed alive. The two go together, don’t you think? However, I began to take note of just what it is that the people of Google have listed under their Lifestyle Extensions section: endless ways of gathering links to […]