Month: April 2012

How to grieve.


My mother thought that inner strength, moral strength, moral superiority, were best dealt with through silence. It was the best thing to do to appear unaffected by the traumatic event one was just passing through or had recently endured. After Aunt Sudie’s death, a few days before which my mother could be heard from behind the closed door of her bedroom shouting “But why me?”, my mother moved through the house slow and dazed in […]

More Pilates.


More Pilates. This time, self-induced — self-instructed? At any rate, here. I stick with instructors in the lineage (I hate that word) of Romana Krysanowska. I even had a smoothie for breakfast without hardly any crap in it. It involved a handful of fresh spinach and some whey protein powder. No chocolate. No flax seed oil, which I forgot to get. Same for half an avocado (though they do tend to make you buy the […]