Month: February 2013

asides / music

Billie Holiday, in — karaoke? Please tell me this is a bad choice. No, there’s not a link in this screen grab. I don’t think I want you to have it…

For further reading


Marina Warner spent years unable to set foot in a Catholic church. “I went to a convent school,” she explains, “but renounced it as a young woman. For a long time it remained too painful. I felt flattened if I tried to go inside a church, sinful, excluded and so wretched, but now all that turmoil has passed. And,” she adds almost conspiratorially, “I find myself quite liking the serenity of it again.” via Marina […]

Watching Peter Gunn


An evening with a (to me, very) old rerun of Peter Gunn, a show more from my husband’s youth than mine. Not only did the detective wear a suit the whole time, but so did the crooks: suits, ties, and hats. One of the villains even wore a hat with a feather detail in it. The conflicts between good and bad guys were not convincing, nor were the punches that Peter Gunn had aimed at […]