Month: April 2014

Friend: Five Minute Friday #fmfriday

Cancer / Ephemera

I had a friend who I’d known since college, which is a lot longer ago than I would like to think sometimes. We were each other’s maid of honor in our weddings. We drifted apart after our children were born — different times, so we never got the chance to bond further over playdates. When I was diagnosed with cancer some years ago (no fishing for sympathy — I’m seven years cancer free and stronger […]

Glue, tikkun

Ephemera / Spirit

An old story says that when God first let his light shine in the chaos of the new universe, the universe shattered wherever the light came in. And so we live in a shattered world and life is a constant effort to glue the pieces of the world back together. But it’s by dealing with the cracks that I grow. I learn from my failures in everything from studying math to learning again and again […]