Month: July 2014

qotd: Donald Knuth


  Donald Knuth. (n.d.). Retrieved July 12, 2014, from Web site Related articles Why doesn’t Knuth’s linear-time multiplication algorithm “count”? Donald Knuth and Dessert: A Heretic Donald Knuth reads my blog? The World’s Best Living Programmers Still Another Nerd Interlude

Belong: #FMFriday #FMFparty #FiveMinuteFriday


Lisa Jo sent us the five-minute Friday prompt from the most lovely state that I can think of — Michigan, where the cherries are currently bursting off the trees — and the word is Belong. I learned how to belong and how not to belong there in a summer camp on the shores of Torch Lake. I had never met mean girls before I was installed there for an eight-week stay when I was ten. […]