Month: December 2014

Holiday greetings


December 23, 2014 || 2:32 PM Where I am: Starbucks. What I am contemplating: the habit we have (well, lots of people who are not me) of greeting people with the phrase “Are you ready for Christmas?” We are supposed to be, at this time, overwhelmed with the production of A Holiday and there are endless ways to keep busy. To do something more. It is defeat, and a sign of your weak character, to say […]

Goldberg Variations


The 1955 version Glenn Gould is sitting in my head now, getting through Bach’s music with a dexterity that I did not know that a person could have. I believe that they were written to help a rich man fall asleep. The net is too slow for me to verify this immediately. The workings of Gould’s fingers tangle up my mind. It is appropriate that I write to this — trying to make sense of my own […]