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Watching Peter Gunn


An evening with a (to me, very) old rerun of Peter Gunn, a show more from my husband’s youth than mine. Not only did the detective wear a suit the whole time, but so did the crooks: suits, ties, and hats. One of the villains even wore a hat with a feather detail in it. The conflicts between good and bad guys were not convincing, nor were the punches that Peter Gunn had aimed at […]

British TV and another poem by somebody else entirely

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Watched an episode of the seemingly endless British TV mysteries that I seem to be well able to ferret out on Netflix: Kavanagh QC. This series stars John Thaw, who is famous in America for the Inspector Morse series that he starred in. But I digress. I note that fact because it explains the latest addition to my almost-never-updated anthology section here on the blog, wherein I reprint shamelessly poems by other people that I […]

Trollope. Eliot. I deal with great heaps of verbiage.

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Buck and I have been awash lately in British Victorian period dramas, thanks to Netflix. We’ve just finished Middlemarch and are now working on Anthony Trollope: He Knew He Was Right. And so we are also awash in great silk and satin dresses with complicated laces. Buck: “I thought Trollope was a comedy writer.” Nope, heartfelt sorrows abound, though not with quite the inevitability that they do in Thomas Hardy. For me, reading Hardy is […]

Various people coming and going…

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Image via Wikipedia For those of you who like to show up at our occasional shindig at the Mercantile Library, here is yet another wonderful thing to come to. Next year, we will have David Simon for our annual Harriet Beecher Stowe lecture. Simon is the creator of such wonderful television series as Homicide and The Wire. Will get the date and time up for you later.

What you can learn from watching television


I’m not an economist of any kind, and have yet to figure out what a credit swap is. However, my lack of knowledge has not kept me from noticing things… especially almost two years ago, when I was lying in my bed that we had set up in the TV room where I stayed during the first couple of months or so after I was home from my cancer surgery. At that time, about all […]