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nvALT, in my opinion…

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I was going to say humble opinion, but that’s too trite. But the fact is, I use nvALT constantly. That is why I posted a link about a workflow using nvALT just now. It does very many things very well, and it’s free. What else can you want in life? Download and enjoy. Related articles nvALT 2.2b 106 ( nvALT Wiki ( nvremind: Automatic reminders for nvALT ( Experiment: Send to nvALT links (

Working on the security

electronic life

I have actually completed the security steps that linked to in a previous post. I hope that Ben Brooks’ article is read widely. I’ve been hacked online and recently a friend has been hacked. This is not just something that happens to somebody else. This is something that happens when you’re drinking your coffee or when you’re just messing around on the internet at home. I must also say that I love the Coffee Emporium […]