Arguing with cats.

From Davezilla » How to win an argument with a cat Begin with a standard ontological argument, such as Gödel’s Theorem. Open with Definition 1: x is God-like iff x has as essential properties those and only those properties which are positive Your cat will likely counter that no definition of the notion of “positive Continue reading Arguing with cats.

Cats and phones

[In which I discover yet another hazard to cat ownership] My friend Patti just called. (Yes, Ruben, there are more Pattis in the world. Have a cup of tea and you’ll feel better.) I was very hesitant to pick up the phone, much less talk into it, but my reasons had nothing to do with Continue reading Cats and phones

Cat-blog time

This is Beeper R. Kat: She is in her favorite nap-place: the stack of empty grocery bags in the pantry. She’s been sleeping a lot lately, and this is why… We’ve had to have our old leaded-glass windows on the first floor redone gradually this year, due to rust etc. Currently, the windows in the Continue reading Cat-blog time