pope's comments

I love Elie Wiesel and all his books. I do not love the pope, or roman catholicism. Admittedly, the pope’s current batch of comments is better than Pius XII’s criminal attitude during WWII, which amounted to allowing the Germans to do what they would with the Jews as long as they didn’t bother catholics very Continue reading pope's comments

a proper history

When so much about Israel today seems (to a newly-converting and hence newly-aware person like me) to focus on a piece of real estate the size of New Jersey as the source of all evil in the world, it’s an actual relief to stumble across a proper contemporary history of Israel. It has always seemed Continue reading a proper history

He's up to something

You know he’s up to something. He can’t possibly mean this. I wonder what he said in Arabic right afterwards? Arafat: Israel Has Right to Live in Peace ABC News – 3 hours ago RAMALLAH, West Bank Nov. 12 Yasser Arafat on Wednesday called for an end to three years of violence, saying that Israel has a right Continue reading He's up to something