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Dialogue with my son

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I am gathering my books together this evening, about to head out for my Introduction to Judaism class, which I’m taking in preparation for my conversion. Peter, who’s home for a few days, wonders what I’m up to. Me: I’m going to my conversion class. Peter: Why can’t you learn something cool, like Islam? Me: Islam is a bunch of thugs who like to kill anybody who’s not them. Peter: But just think, you could […]

I still have teeth.

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Or so both the dentist and hygienist said this morning. I thought I had, but it’s best to get a professional opinion sometimes. Then lunch, then a visit with Rabbi Ilana to discuss my long-drawn-out conversion process. Long, good talk. Much for me to do.

Not Celebrating

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Easter, it would seem, is celebrated en masse second only to Christmas in Buying, Dinnering, Gifting, Worshipping, etc. It seems, also, that I notice this more clearly when I step outside of the Christian mainstream on my way towards Judaism. I just had Purim. Other Patti and I certainly celebrated it. Very scrupulously, too. I suppose I should have read the story of Esther to her, but I didn’t. Next year. And now I look […]

Another reason for me to leave catholicism, part 2

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Typical, ignorant crap from yet another typical, ignorant redneck. Outside The Beltway : Catholic League President’s Anti-Semitic Remarks on “Scarborough Country” The blogosphere is all abuzz … about some anti-Semitic comments made by Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, on the December 8 edition of MSNBC’s “Scarborough Country” in the presence of guest host Pat Buchanan.

The conundrums of a convert

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Okay, I’m confused. I’ve just been, like all good would-be Jews, getting my menorah out of the cabinet in preparation for the upcoming holiday. But tonight, I noticed, as I hadn’t before, a small tag on its bottom. “Keep away from flammable materials.” Okay, you already-Jewish people surfing through here… how in heck am I supposed to light those little candles if I can’t get the menorah hear flammable materials?! 😕 [Yes, I know it […]

How to explain to the kid?

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Peter is in no way converting to Judaism with me, but he is noticing a few things… Like now, while watching all the Christmas commercials on TV: “Where are all the Hanukkah commercials?” Buck and I answered, pithily, “Uh….” Peter thinks there should be more Hannukah commercials. “After all,” he says, “it’s eight days’ worth of presents.” Hmmmm.