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Where would I go?


If I were going somewhere very far away, just for the sake of its being very far away, where would I go? Finland? Nepal? France? (Hey, eight hours on a plane can be a sacrifice too.) The Christmas Islands? Then again, I don’t feel like driving to the airport. It’s not too early for the massive contradictions to be manifest.

A long time ago, in front of a palace


    Apropos of nothing (well, okay, the suggestion), I dug back in the iPhoto archives and found this sitting somewhere buried in time (2005, in fact). Buck and I were visiting India, and I think tourists are not allowed to leave the country without visiting Agra and the Taj Mahal. Earlier, we had seen New Delhi and traveled north on the Jammu Mail (a bit like a real life version of The Darjeeling […]

She’s not there


As you may have noticed — or not, seeing as you’re not here, I think — I have fled the joyous confines of Cincinnati and am now nestled in a nice, fluffy hotel room in London. It even seems to be reasonably close to the British Museum. Closer than Cincinnati at least. And I arrived just in time for the classic British autumn weather as well. Which means there was not much walking around the […]