Manhattan a.m.

This is such a beautiful morning, y’all should be up and out and about. That’s what I am, especially since I couldn’t sleep much past 4 or 5 or so. The air here in Manhattan is clear (!) and sunny. Down west 46th street is a large parade wagon, with 4 bulls waiting aimlessly in Continue reading Manhattan a.m.


Got to NYC with no problems. In a taxi within an hour of landing. Paramount Hotel. Now I would like to summon enough energy to go have dinner or something.


Dinner (of a sort) tonight at Cafe Beginah (Garden Cafe) with Mordechai, Jacob, and Avraham. We watched a tad bit of the “Bible Code” show, with Mordechai in prominent role, and a fair piece of the third episode of “Cosmos,” the one that tells about the life of Johannes Kepler. We were getting many and Continue reading Sukkot