we survived!

The upgrade itself went without a hitch; however, the disk did not want to encrypt itself. Of course, it didn’t tell me this until it went through the whole encryption process. Good thing I’d had my beer. And Mellel works fine too, so I can write you these nice words. My baked potato is ready. Continue reading we survived!


Off to go get my OSX upgrade… Wish me luck. I must also have a beer or two. I was taught, long ago, never to do a major system upgrade without having two drinks first.

no one came home

No one came home 1. Max was in bed that morning, pressed against my feet, walking to my pillow to kiss my nose, long and lean with aqua- marine eyes, my sun prince who thought himself my lover. He was cream and golden orange, strong willed, lord of the other cats and his domain. He Continue reading no one came home