I love mornings. There is always the feeling of possibilities, that anything can happen. It doesn’t matter if you have your day planned down to the minute: anything can still happen. The day began for me around 6:30 with a bowl of blueberries. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve devoured huge amounts of blueberries Continue reading Possibilities

Elegant Things

A white coat worn over a violet waistcoat. Duck eggs. Shaved ice mixed with liana syrup and put in a new silver bowl. A rosary of rock crystal. Wistaria blossoms. Plum blossoms covered with snow. A pretty child eating strawberries. — The Pillow Book of Sei Sh┼Źnagon, tr. Ivan Morris


I actually had to turn down an apple strudel dessert, I was so full. Tavern on the Green. Turkey. Real cranberries that pop in your mouth when you bite them. It would be nap time, or, as my son says, football time, if the housekeeping staff had attended to our room yet, but no such Continue reading Food.