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Books: not necessarily difficult.

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Image by cobra libre via Flickr Norm at the Library has a hopeful note up today. It’s possible to like books with plots in them, and not have to be publicly ashamed at that fact. Well, folks, it looks like the long literary nightmare is finally over. via “…they have trained us… to associate a crisp, dynamic, exciting plot with supermarket fiction, and cheap thrills, and embarrassment.” « Stacked. Maybe now I can admit that […]

What to read: The Children's Book


I believe that I have come to the end of my attempt at reading Infinite Jest. Is the book “too much” for me? Perhaps. Probably not. So why did I stop? Too much exposition. Too much detail and not enough reason to want that detail. The characters’ lives, both inner and outer, are spread before me, the reader, in truly astonishing and well-done detail. I can’t want for more diligent descriptions. I quit caring about […]