today's birds

Seen earlier today, at the Oxbow area, Lawrenceburg, IN: Am. Goldfinch Turkey Vultures ~ 10 Cardinal Crow dc cormorant great blue heron 2 great egret 3 N. Harrier catbird field sparrow Eastern wood-pewee

no one came home

No one came home 1. Max was in bed that morning, pressed against my feet, walking to my pillow to kiss my nose, long and lean with aqua- marine eyes, my sun prince who thought himself my lover. He was cream and golden orange, strong willed, lord of the other cats and his domain. He Continue reading no one came home


Has anything you’ve ever written scared you? Maybe not during the writing of it — perhaps that only startled you. Or it could be you don’t even remember it, and look at the resulting page wondering how it got left in your hand. But you look at it now, in the light of day, as Continue reading writing

lama in indiana

So we’re off to see the Dalai Lama tomorrow in Bloomington, Indiana. He is dedicating a new temple at the Tibetan Cultural Center there. We have tickets. We need to get there early in the morning to go through security. I guess it’s not easy being the 14th incarnation of the Bodhisattva of Mercy any Continue reading lama in indiana