Powerlessness and power

I must start out this blog post by admitting a thing that might make me either very popular here in Cincinnati, or, possibly, unpopular: we have electrical power at our house. Ever since Monday’s infamous “deluge” by the remnants of hurricane Ike, with huge windstorms and much power outage, the most common question around here Continue reading Powerlessness and power

end of July, poems

end of July โ€” hearing the cicadas above the traffic ________________ end of July โ€” dog waiting for cars in the shade ________________ end of July โ€” rust on the gate creaks

Join the dots: how to think about cars.

A long but good essay on thinking about cars the same way you think about networs… blog.thoughtwax.com ยป Join the dots Sitting in a soul-destroying traffic jam in Moate the other day, I realised that the design of cars is basically broken:

Rain again, again.

One notable thing about this particular vacation of ours here in Chautauqua is the rain and cold. I’ve never known Chautauqua to be an oven in the summer, but warm, definitely. And never quite so much rain. If I were paranoid, and a follower of a failed Democratic candidate for president, I’d think it was Continue reading Rain again, again.