Cats are sneaky

Another era in my cat-blogging starts now, with Satchel attempting to steal my breakfast apple turnover. I thought he’d go for the raspberries first, but that’s more Newton’s style. Satchel loves the carbs. Pictures will appear if I can get my camera.

OK, fine. I'm a cat.

Apropos of the second-to-last blog entry, I have been seriously delving into Natsume Soseki’s I Am a Cat. As you might guess somewhat from the title, Our Hero is a nameless cat, who lives in the house of a teacher and his family. He (the cat) makes wonderfully sly observations on the humans surrounding him. Continue reading OK, fine. I'm a cat.

Letters from Paradise

Well, okay, Letters from Chautauqua. But I love it here. I haven’t updated as much because, well, nothing happens in paradise, does it? That’s rather the definition of paradise: always the same loveliness. But tomorrow is the trip home, and to always the same… unloveliness? No, that’s not what I mean. But there will be Continue reading Letters from Paradise