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What looks like the cage’s exit is actually the bars of the cage. Excerpt From: David Foster Wallace. “Infinite Jest.” Little, Brown and Company, 2009-04-13. iBooks. This material may be protected by copyright. Check out this book on the iBookstore: Advertisements


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Yes, I am reading it again: Infinite Jest. There are so many people and things in it that the sheer density of stuff has enough mass to affect my intellectual gravity field. There are also so many favorite quotes that I’m planning on wearing out one whole yellow pencil by the time that I reach the end of the book. Related articles Infinite Jest tour of Boston (

More Infinite Jest thoughts

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David Foster Wallace‘s writing is like a firework, always fading away. A.S. Byatt‘s writing has life in it. It is solid, and will happily last and live as long as is possible for a book to live. DFW’s Infinite Jest frightens me with the possibility always of its frivolity, its center of nothingness, despair, entertainment as a main goal in life and entertainment as ultimately empty and leading literally to death and decay and waste […]

Finishing Eschaton

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Image by qousqous via Flickr I am still, as stated earlier, reading Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. I have decided that it’s not a novel that I am continuing to read because I like it, though I do. I’ve given up on a lot of likeable novels. There is also the allure of actually finishing a “cool” and “important” novel, and therefore having a license to drone on about it to everyone within earshot. […]

A very small milestone


With regard to Infinite Jest, I would like to announce that I have actually read all the way through footnote #24. This is a bigger deal than it sounds, if you have ever taken a look at that book. The book is almost 20% footnotes, written often in a dry, footnote-y tone. Sometimes they contain nothing more than “Ibid. page N” or somesuch. More than a few times, they spin off on their own, with […]