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I upgraded WordPress, and killed the old files. I have to remember all the proper FTP commands. Oh well… Will get the place fluffed up again soon. Update: Fortunately, I had a backup of the theme files I use. Don’t know what happened to the pretty flowers, though. If any of you all try the upgrade to WP 2.6, and you can’t log back in and get a blank when looking for your blog, CLEAR […]

Azalea bonsai, at my doctor's office

art, etc. / Cancer

   Azalea bonsai, at my doctor’s office, originally uploaded by niehoff.   Update: Today I visited my oncologist due to increasing dizziness, wobbliness, etc. This is all due to the onset of the vitamin B12 deficiency I was/am due to develop because of me missing parts of my stomach. Got the shot, extra fluids, etc. and just got home. Am doing fine. But I just wanted to share the above picture with y’all. This is […]

Spring and Easter at last


Easter arrives cold and gray, just like it usually does around these parts. I figure that the weather is here to spite the fact that at least one of my daffodils has bloomed, and my friend up the street’s orange crocuses are in full flower. Nevertheless, spring is officially here now, with Easter, according to my personal calendar. And fun must be had. Too bad that Peter, at 22, is too old for an easter […]

Settling in out West


We had dinner last night with some of our friends here in Boulder, at a lovely restaurant called Sunflower. It’s an organic food restaurant which is helping me to dispel my 1970’s notions of organic food as brown, strangely seasoned, and gritty. My tuna Niçoise was excellent, with a lovely tarragon dressing. If you’ve noticed how seldom I write about food, you know this had to be exceptional. Now I get to head off to […]