Goodbye, children

Last night, for Movie Night, Other Patti and Our Friend Sally and I watched the French movie that gave Quentin Tarantino the name idea for his movie “Reservoir Dogs”. You see, Tarantino, before he became a famous director, worked in a movie rental store. Some (not so very brilliant) guy came in looking for a Continue reading Goodbye, children

1964 in my head

I have finally figured out just how I want my hair. I want it exactly like Anna Karina‘s in Jean-Luc Godard‘s “Band of Outsiders.” Due to the plethora of American bimbos in early 1960’s films from America, I didn’t know that women then could actually be beautiful. But I want my hair like that, even Continue reading 1964 in my head

As long as we're talking, we're … talking

Rick Moran, with a wonderful essay on the failings of negotiation in the past 100 years, with contemporary implications. Go read this while I get ready for another day of Dinosaur Jigsaw down at the museum… Right Wing Nut House » “AS LONG AS WE’RE TALKING, WE’RE NOT SHOOTING AT EACH OTHER” And yet, even Continue reading As long as we're talking, we're … talking